This is us. 


We are Brit & Kayls- hello! We are friends, creative partners, collaborators & the cofounders of The Mindful Voyage. From singing for tips at Coldstone Creamery to reuniting via a Yoga Girl challenge on Instagram, there has been a strong, Universal force that has kept the two of us connected through time & distance. Now here we are- sharing and collaborating together & it feels GOOD! 




Brit is a licensed social worker and certified yoga teacher who has an endless thirst for seeking practical insight and knowledge. She plays with applying those wisdoms to her life in a way that is authentic to her. She believes that inner peace is created when we connect and nourish our most authentic inner self and then dedicate our time and energy to aligning our lives to that truth. Brit has dedicated her most recent life to "dropping" out of a traditional path in exchange for travel & spiritual exploration. 


Kayley Scaffidi


Kayley is an ICU travel nurse by trade with a passion for holistic health. She is fueled by her adventurous spirit and grounded by her mindfulness practice. She has been nomadic for the last three years and has learned how important it is to love the company you keep when you are alone, and to nourish the home we build within our mind, body, and soul.  Kayls pours her heart into genuine connection; be it with others, with nature or with herself. A curious mind, she believes the world will always be the best teacher and thrives on the connections she has cultivated. She is currently working towards being a Board Certified Nurse Coach.